Chicago, Illinois: Located on the banks of Lake Michigan, Chicago is perhaps most famous for its iconic skyline, including the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) which stands an impressive 1,400 feet tall! For a real thrill, take a trip up to the Sky Deck, located on the 103rd floor.

Here, you have the chance to venture onto a glass walkway that extends four feet from the rest of the building, giving you a view of the city that is like nothing else in the world!

Millennium Park is a great spot to spend the afternoon reading or walking, and it has a wonderfully whimsical reflective bean sculpture that is a favorite for tourists taking photographs!

Finally, the Art Institute is one of the oldest and largest in the entire country, so you can easily spend a day here exploring all of the paintings, books and jewelry on display.

New Orleans: More popularly known as the Big Easy, there truly is no other city in the world that is quite like New Orleans. While there is definitely a perpetual party vibe to the city, there is also a great deal of history and gorgeous architecture here as well.

If you are a first-time visitor, you might be tempted to make an obligatory stop at Bourbon Street, though if you want to avoid the crowds, chaos and still have a good time, choose to venture down to Frenchman’s Street instead.

The bars and restaurants here have a fantastic selection of music constantly going, and you are all but certain to find some hidden gems.

The cemeteries are eerily beautiful, and Jackson Park is an absolute must-see, with its plethora of art vendors and street performers.

If you are looking for a bite to eat or simply want to relax on a balcony while taking in one of the city’s signature cocktails, be sure to pay a visit to Muriel’s at Jackson Square! This place has everything from an excellent Sazerac to tasty gumbo and even a table set up for the resident ghost!

Nashville, Tennessee: The capital city of Tennessee, most people associate Nashville with country music. While this is indeed the home of the famed Grand Ol’ Opry as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame, there is much more to see and do here outside of the music scene.

Visit the Parthenon in Centennial Park to feel as though you have been transported back to Ancient Greece, or stop by the Belle Meade Plantation which dates back to the 1840’s!

Nashville is a famous foodie city as well, and one of their culinary gems is hot chicken. While you can find this staple in many places, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is a cut above the rest, offering different levels of heat to perfectly suit your palate.

St. Augustine, Florida: The oldest city in the entire United States, St. Augustine has a heavy Spanish influence that can be seen both in the area’s architecture as well as culinary options.

There are plentiful expanses of white sand beaches to relax upon, as well as an alligator farm that even features zip lines!

If you are into exploring the city’s history, you can visit the iconic lighthouse which is also equipped with a museum, along with the Castillo de San Marcos, a fortress constructed in the 1700’s complete with a drawbridge and guided tours!

Exploring Burlington, Vermont


Church Street: Spanning approximately seven blocks, this open-air pedestrian market place is the absolute heart and soul of the city. You can find everything you need here, from local shops and big-name stores to excellent restaurants, intriguing sculptures, street performers and an endless array of innovate food carts. Be sure to allow enough time to fully enjoy the Church Street appearance, as you can never be too sure of what you will see or who you may meet!

Higher Ground: Located on Shelburne Road, this former movie theater is now the site of some of the hottest live music performances in all of New England! Shows sell out quickly, so book early, and be sure to arrive early if you have limited mobility, as there are not many places to sit during the show.

Shelburne Museum: With over 45 different acres and multiple buildings to explore, you will want to dedicate at least one whole day to exploring the grounds here. Boasting everything from a lighthouse to a steamboat that was actually transported to its current location from Lake Champlain, the entire family can enjoy a day of participating in historical recreations and unusual displays from Vermont’s past.

The Spirit of Ethan Allen: Named after the founder of Vermont’s Revolutionary War militia group, this boat departs on a regular schedule for nighttime cruises along the picturesque shores of Lake Champlain. For the best experience, be sure to book one of their dinner cruises, where you can explore the beauty of the lake in style while enjoying a deliciously prepared buffet dinner combined with live music, cocktails and dancing!

Best Places to Eat in Vermont

Bluebird Barbeque: (317 Riverside Avenue) Widely heralded as one of the best barbeque restaurants in Vermont, the unassuming yet welcoming surroundings drawn you in while the delicious food will keep you coming back! Begin the evening with a serving of perfectly fried Brussel sprouts or a half dozen classic smoked wings before selecting from a simple yet flavorful menu of main courses. Pick a protein option, such as the fifteen hour smoked brisket or turkey and pair it with whatever sides suit you best to create the perfect meal!

The Farmhouse Tap and Grill: (160 Bank Street) This restaurant prides itself on its farm to table approach, utilizing only the freshest local ingredients wherever possible. The craft beer list is impressive, as is the down-to-earth atmosphere, impeccable service and incredible food. This is one of the few places in a landlocked state that you can sample fresh, raw oysters, but if you are looking for something more classic, a cup of the thick cheddar ale soup paired with the black pepper quinoa cakes makes for a hearty yet healthy meal.

El Gato Cantina: (189 Bank Street) Unquestionably one of the best places for Mexican food in the entire state, this is also the go-to spot for tequila aficionados, with more than twenty-five different selections available.  The margaritas here are absolutely fabulous, as is the selection of authentic, delicious food. Be sure to pair the different salsa selections with your food choice, depending upon the level of heat you like. The ceviche is an absolute standout, as is the tortilla soup. But if you are going to eat here, you simply must indulge in a taco or two. The selections are sure to please anyone, as you can get fillings ranging from crispy fried fish to beef shoulder or even a simple black bean and avocado mixture.

Penny Cluse Café: (169 Cherry Street) This is the absolute best place in the entire city of Burlington to gather with friends and family for an unforgettably delicious late brunch. Offering everything from gingerbread pancakes to sourdough French toast and a spicy yet balanced take on heuvos rancheros, this is a spot where you may have to wait in line for a moment, but it is well worth it in the end!

Creepiest Tourist Destinations Around the World


Alcatraz Island: (San Francisco, California, USA) While Alcatraz has worn a few different hats in its history, including its servitude as a fortress during the Civil War and the site of a major protest regarding American Indians, it is hands down most famous for its role as a federal penitentiary from 1934 to 1963. Widely regaled as one of the most haunted spots in Northern America, this place was the site of a desperate attempts by inmates to escape in 1946. When the potential escapees realized they did not have one of the keys that was essential to escape, they resorted to taking hostages. As a result, three inmates and two guards lost their lives, while nearly twenty others were injured. Cell Block D, where the escape attempt originated, is believed to be the spookiest site on the entire island. Here, it is said that numerous guards and inmates alike experienced encounters with the supernatural, ranging from hearing phantom voices and footsteps to violent attacks. One inmate who was placed in solitary confinement on Cell Block D is reported to have screamed throughout the night about something occupying the area with him – and was found dead the next morning, with unexplained marks on his neck suggesting that he was strangled. In modern times, Alcatraz is a popular destination for tourists seeking history and paranormal encounters alike!

Aokigahara/The Suicide Forest: (Yamanashi, Japan) Located near the base of Mount Fuji, this is a nearly 13 square mile area in the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park that is infamous for its dense, eerie stretch of woodland it is nicknamed the Island of Trees. While the area should be well-known for its plethora of natural resources and impressive vegetation, it is instead known as the suicide forest, named for the strange high number of people who venture into the forest with the intention of claiming their own lives. While the landscape is so thick that it is impossible to recover or even discover all of the bodies contained here, estimates range as high as one hundred people who elect to hang themselves from the tree limbs in this area each year. Other elect for the arguably more peaceful method of poisoning, usually from drug overdose. The issue of suicide within this area has become so prevalent that counselors are stationed throughout the area to attempt to discourage desperate souls from making an irrevocable choice.

Isla de las Munecas/Island of the Dolls: (Mexico City, Mexico) In the canals next to Xochimico just south of Mexico City lies this macabre attraction with a heartbreaking backstory. According to legend, many years ago, a young girl drowned in the waters near this island. As a result, dolls were brought to pacify her young spirit, yet many now believe that the dolls which inhabit this island have become possessed by the child’s restless and angry spirit. This place is unsettling to visit even in broad daylight, as the trees are marked by dolls hanging from multiple limbs, some missing arms, legs or even heads! Those who dare to visit the island at night say they have seen the dolls’ eyes move on their own accord, or even claim to witness hearing the dolls whispering back and forth to one another!

The Lizzie Borden House: (Fall River, Massachusetts) The story of Lizzie Borden is macabre folklore in the United States and many other parts of the world. Born in 1862, she gained notoriety on August 4th,1892 when her father and stepmother were brutally murdered via an axe in the Fall River home she shared with them. While Lizzie was at first considered the primary suspect, she was tried and subsequently acquitted, though the stigma would stay with her until her death at the age of at sixty-six. Today, the location of the horrific murders functions both as a bed and breakfast and morbid tourist destination. There are in fact many claims of paranormal activity here, ranging from doors opening and closing on their own, the faint scent of a phantom perfume as well as full out apparitions!

Paris Catacombs: (Paris, France) Extending southward from Barrier d’Enfe, which translated to the Gates of Hell, this place holds the remains of over six million people! These remains were transferred from various cemeteries to the catacombs primarily during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Located over sixty feet below the city of Paris, the catacombs consist of over 180-miles of twisting, turning tunnels that remind one of a maze or labyrinth. Be sure to book a tour to investigate the sections of this area which are allowed to be explored via guided tourism. Venturing off the path is not advisable, as numerous people are rumored to have disappeared here!

Charleston SC Best Food

Best Restaurants to Visit in Charleston, South Carolina


Gnome Café: (109 President St) In a city that prides itself on its seafood selections, it can be difficult for vegetarians or vegans to find something other than sides to eat at many of Charleston’s best restaurants. The Gnome Café is specifically geared towards showcasing delicious plant-based food, to the point where many customers never even miss the meat! For breakfast, you must sample their signature burrito, made from a tofu scramble combined with guacamole and mango salsa, while lunch and dinner options include a pad thai salad or tempeh Rueben!

Hannibal’s Kitchen: (16 Blake St) This family-owned establishment serves up some of the best soul-food you will ever have! Open Monday through Saturday, they pride themselves on being the place where the locals hang out, and once you taste their food, you will understand why! Begin your day with classic southern breakfast selections such as sautéed crab and shrimp served with grits and toast, or ease your hunger mid-day by indulging in their crab rice or fried whiting. Dinner selections include a locally fried shark steak or baked turkey wing, all accompanied with a choice of two sides, such as okra soup, lima beans or red rice!

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant: (10 Hayne St) Charleston is known for fresh, delicious seafood and there is no place in town that does it better than Hank’s! This is a nice middle of the road experience, combining a classy atmosphere and excellent service with a vibe that is still down to earth and prices that are affordable. Begin your meal with the Charleston classic she-crab soup or a selection from the raw bar, ranging from delicious ceviche to an oyster sampler. For the main course, the pan seared scallops are a local favorite, as is the southern classic, shrimp and grits!

Lewis Barbeque: (464 N Nassau St) John Lewis is a legendary name when it comes to authentic southern barbeque. He began his career in Austin, Texas where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the best in the business. He relocated to Charleston in 2015, and opened this mecca of BBQ less than a year later. Things are not done the easy way here. The meats are smoked for up to eighteen hours to produce a flavor that is absolutely unlike anything you will find anywhere else. The brisket is the star of the show, and they offer a variety of tasty sides for accompaniment, such as green Chile corn pudding, cowboy pinto beans or collard greens.

Little Jack’s Tavern: (710 King St) This place prides itself on a simple yet classic atmosphere coupled with delicious, affordable and non-pretentious food selections. From the checkered tablecloths to the portraits of Frank Sinatra on the walls, this eatery is not trying to be fancy or exclusive, but rather the kind of place that locals gather at to get a good, simple meal. If you are stopping for lunch, be sure to sample the garlic and herb fries paired with their award-winning classic burger. Dinner options include a brick chicken plate served with kale salad, as well as a seared salmon with lemon mousse. At any time of day, you can wash your meal down with an impressive selection of wine or beer, as well as their signature cocktail, Jack’s Kennel Club Style Martini!

Magnolias: (185 E Bay St) If you want to splurge on upscale food in an elegant environment, look no farther than the award-winning Magnolias. Begin your meal with the fried green tomatoes served with white cheddar grits and country ham and a cup of the blue crab bisque before moving onto one of the amazing main courses. Seafood lovers will swoon over the bourbon fried catfish, while the more carnivorous minded will delight in the 12 ounce porterhouse pork chop served with red rice and tomato butter. Vegetarians have a delicious option as well, as the chef strives to provide a selection of the freshest seasonal vegetables presented in a beautiful and tasty fashion!

Experiencing Salem, Massachusetts

Located in on the coast in Essex County, Salem was once one of the most significant ports in American Puritan history, yet it there is nothing more intrinsically linked with this town’s history than witchcraft. The Salem witch trials lasted for almost a year and a half, beginning in the winter of 1692 and ending in spring of 1693. It is one of the darker chapters in the country’s past, as twenty people were hung at the gallows after being found guilty of practicing witchcraft. Since those sad days, Salem has become a hotspot for everyone looking to explore the town’s macabre history to modern day practitioners of magic. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, book a hotel room early and brave the crowds to visit here during the Halloween season. Otherwise, pick and choose from the list before for the best ways to experience Salem!


Places to Visit in Salem

The Howard Street Cemetery: Located at 29 Howard Street, this is the spot where Giles Corey was pressed to death in the fall of 1692 after he and his wife Martha were both accused of witchcraft. Corey, who was no less than 81 years at the time of his death, refused to enter a plea and was subsequently tortured over a three- day period. In spite of his gruesome death, it appears that Corey’s spirit acts as something of a guardian for the town, manifesting shortly before some catastrophic event occurs, such as the devastating fire of 1914.

Salem Witch MuseumThe Salem Witch Museum: If you are looking to get the full story on the beginning, climax and end of the Salem witch trials, this is the perfect place to go. You gather into a circular room, where different staged sets complete with life-sized figures are systematically illuminated for an impressive presentation. Through the accompanying narration, you will learn details of the trails which were gained from actual court documents. While this place may be a little too scary for smaller children, it does have a wonderful gift shop attached that holds everything from stuffed animals to jewelry and clothing!

The Witch House: This place is the only structure still remaining in the town of Salem that boast a direct connection with the Salem witch trials. This was the home of Judge Jonathon Corwin, who was one of the members that investigated claims of witchcraft during the craze that overtook Salem in the 17th century. Along with others, he is directly responsible for sentencing 19 people to hang, though they all adamantly maintained their innocence. The home remained in the Corwin family until the middle of the 19th century. In the 1940’s, the street was widened, and the home was moved approximately 40 feet to where it stands today. During this time, it was restored to look much as it would have during the time of Corwin’s residence. Today, it operates as a museum offering guided or self-guided tours.

House of the Seven Gables: Salem-born author Nathaniel Hawthorne uses 340-year-old home as the setting for his gothic horror novel of the same name. Pay the nominal fee and take the tour, which includes glimpses of artifacts related to Hawthorne as well as the history of the town. Adding to the creepy vibe of the place, there is even a secret passageway available for exploring! You will also have the option to visit the home where Hawthorne was born, as it was moved from its original location to sit beside the house that inspired him so much!

Best Experiences in Boston

Experiencing Boston

The capital city of Massachusetts was founded in 1630, making it one of the oldest cities in the entire United States. It played an enormously important role in the Revolutionary War, and offers a wide variety of things to see and do as well as delicious places to eat and nicely maintained places to stay. The size of the city can make it somewhat overwhelming to first time visitors, and it is important to pick and choose in order to get the best experience. Below, you will find some of the best of what the city has to offer!


What to Do in Boston

Build Your Brainpower: While Boston itself is virtually a living history lesson, if you tire of the Freedom Trail and other historical sights, you can keep your cerebral juices flowing by visiting any one of the city’s world-class museums. The Museum of Science is the perfect place to get lost for a day, with immersive IMAX and 4D films, planetarium shows and fascinating exhibits, including the chance to experience what zero gravity in outer space feels like! The Boston Children’s Museum is another one of the city’s gems, sure to be a hit with visitors of all ages. The interactive, fun-filled displays make learning an absolute joy as you explore everything from Japanese architecture to dinosaurs and the human body!

Catch a Game: If you find yourself in Boston during baseball season, you simply must make it a priority to watch the Red Sox play at their home stadium, Fenway Park. The enthusiasm of the crowd is truly contagious, as this is one sport that Bostonians take very seriously! While you can certainly enjoy the classic fare offered here, such as delicious steamed hot dogs or giant soft pretzels, there is also a killer lobster roll for sale at the Yankee Lobster stand. Don’t have time to catch a game? Fenway park offers daily guided tours as well which offers a chance to learn some of the stadium’s history as well as the opportunity to sit atop of the world-famous Green Monster!

Visit the Aquarium: The New England Aquarium is a truly special place, boasting a four-story tall Ocean tank that stands in the center of the building. As you wind your way up to the top, you will find marine exhibits which encompass all areas of the globe, including a live penguin habitat, various species of fresh water and salt water fish and even an interactive touch tank that brings you up close and personal with rays and starfish! Located just outside the main building, there is also an Atlantic Harbor Seal exhibit, where you can view these creatures swim and play, or even sit in on a free training session!

Walk the Freedom Trail: This historic walking tour spans 2.5 miles through downtown Boston, and leads you past no less than sixteen locations that hold significant historical value. The path is fairly easy to find, as you literally have to follow the trail emblazoned in brick that winds through the city. Here, you can visit the Old South Meeting House, which is where the plot for the Boston Tea Party was concocted, as well as the site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall and the Paul Revere House before finishing up at the Bunker Hill Monument.  The path is fairly level and easy to walk, so this is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including smaller children.


Places to Eat in Boston

The Chart House: Located at 60 Long Wharf, this excellent restaurant is located in what was once the John Hancock Counting House, with plenty of original wooden beams still around to evoke a sense of history. The menu here is absolutely out of this world, with some of the best seafood options you will find anywhere in the city. Start your meal with a table-side torched apple Manhattan (yes, you read that right. They set your drink on fire before serving it to you!) and their signature shrimp, crab, avocado and mango stack before moving onto the main course. While anything you eat here is sure to be fabulous, there are few standouts on the menu, including the Baked Mahi topped with avocado pico or the ginger soy shrimp and scallops, which comes accompanied with mushrooms and sautéed bok choy.

The Table at Season to Taste: Top Chef alum Carl Dooley is the head chef at this creative restaurant with a French influence. Located at 2447 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, you can choose to take a seat at the wine bar, which offers a huge variety of libations accompanied by smaller plates like fresh baked focaccia and grilled zucchini salad, or opt for the ultimate experience, the four course pre-fixe menu! The actual selections change frequently depending upon what is local and fresh at the time, but you can expect the royal treatment for your taste buds here! Some examples of past menus include a selection of local heirloom tomatoes paired with manchego cheese and fresh basil followed by lamb enchiladas and glazed scallop curry topped off with a choice between fresh peach melba or a chocolate trifle!

Where to Stay in Boston

Omni Parker House: Located at 60 School Street, this place strikes a perfect balance between retaining history and projecting an elegant, refined vibe. Established in 1855, this place is absolutely gorgeous, from its classic dark wood and gold adorned lobby to the impeccable care taken with each room. There is an excellent bar and restaurant on site, as well as a fitness center for those who want to keep active! This is a spot where you will feel as though you have been transported away from the modern chaos of the city, encapsulated in a place where old-world class reigns supreme.

The Revere Hotel Boston Common: Located at 200 Stuart Road, this place is a little more laid back than the Omni Parker House, yet it is every bit as intriguing, clean

and comfortable. Named after the Paul Revere himself, this place has beautiful rooms

with decks that overlook the shimmering city skyline or the gorgeous waters of Back Bay. The rooftop lounge here is legendary throughout the city, complete with a heated pool to unwind in!


The Best Amusement Parks in the United States


Cedar Point: (Sandusky, Ohio) Located on the shores of Lake Eerie, Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world, with close to twenty different adrenaline-pumping options sure to suit any thrill seeker! There are of course tamer options, such as the Blue Streak, a wooden coaster that has been in operation since 1964, or the Cedar Creek Mine Ride located in Frontier Town. What makes this place truly spectacular, however, is its large scale, impressive behemoth coasters, such as Raptor with its 100-foot vertical loop or one of the five giga-coasters in the entire world, Top Thrill Dragster! This ride is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, launching you from zero to 120 miles an hour in just under four seconds as you rocket up a 90-degree incline that climaxes at over four hundred feet in the air! This year, Cedar Point has upped the ante again by opening Steel Vengeance, the world’s first hyper-hybrid coaster. This monster is composed of both steel and wood and stands over 200 feet tall, featuring a 90-degree initial drop and over 30 full seconds of airtime!

Disneyland: (Anaheim, California) The original Magic Kingdom was founded by Walt Disney in 1955, and currently features eight different sections. You can stroll down Main Street, which features the original home of Walt Disney and his family, and is also the site of many fabulous parades before exploring all of the rides the place has to offer. This is the home of some of the most beloved theme rides in the world, including It’s a Small World After All, Alice in Wonderland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and of course, the ever- popular Pirates of the Caribbean! To get around the park quickly, be sure to take advantage of the monorail, which is heralded as the highway in the sky!

King’s Island: (King’s Island, Ohio) One of the most popular amusement parks in the US, averaging over 3 million visitors each year, this is the ultimate location for families. Planet Snoopy has been named the Best Kids Play Area for over seventeen years, and it is easy to understand why this playground delights children of all ages. With plenty of rides themed after the infamous Peanuts characters, your young ones can take the plunge on a mini log flume, chase after one another on bumper cars, visit animals at Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends plus much more! Of course, there are attractions here for grown ups and thrill seekers as well. This is the home of the Beast, the world’s longest wooden roller coaster, as well as the Diamondback, which stands 230 feet tall and features an initial drop of over 200 feet! Admission to this park also includes a pass to the adjacent Soak City Waterpark, which features over 30 different slides and other aquatic attractions to help you cool off on a hot day!

Knoebels Amusement Resort: (Elysburg, Pennsylvania) A short forty-five-mile drive from Williamsport, this place is not only wonderful for those seeking the nostalgic vibe that accompanies amusement parks from their childhood, it is also ideal for large families and those on a budget, as admission is absolutely free! A place that offers something for everyone, those with small children will be delighted with the variety of family-friendly rides and attractions, ranging from a gigantic ball pit to bumper cars and even a small-scale, toned-down kiddie roller coaster! Looking for something a little more exciting? There are roller coasters and thrill rides here as well to get your pulse pounding! The Black Diamond Mine Coaster takes you at a fast pace through a haunted coal mine, or take a spin on the only wooden bobsled coaster in the entire world, Flying Turns! There is also a log flume ride to cool off during hot summer days, as well as a haunted mansion for those who are brave enough to darken the door!

Schlitterbahn Water Park: (Galveston, Texas) Widely heralded as the best waterpark in the United States, this magnificent park is spread out over no less than 65 acres! The Bahnzai Pipeline offers three different slides that are perfect for kids and adults alike, while the Massiv Monster Blaster offers adrenaline junkies a chance to experience the world’s tallest water coaster, looming over 900 feet! Amongst countless other slide options, there is also a wonderful lazy river to drift around in, as well as areas for kids to play and splash to their hearts content! Adults can take advantage of the eighteen and up beaches and hot tubs, where you can grab a delicious frozen cocktail while relaxing in the sun!

Six Flags Magic Mountain: (Los Angeles, California) This place is in hot competition with Cedar Point for the title of Roller Coaster Capital of the World. With classics ranging from the Viper to the suspended Riddler to the ultimate classic wooden coaster Colossus, Magic Mountain also has some seriously fast and steep coasters under its belt! Climb aboard Full Throttle which is the tallest and fastest looping coaster in the world, or brave the park’s hypercoaster Goliath, which features a 255-foot drop at over 85 miles an hour! There are, of course, tamer options for families at this park as well. The Cyclone 500 is a classic go-cart set up sure to thrill the little ones, or take a spin on the Jet Stream, the classic flume ride with a refreshingly wet finish!

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom: (Orlando, Florida) You can’t talk about American amusement parks without delving into the wonder and magic that is Walt Disney World. This place is actually made up of four different parks. The Magic Kingdom is the original classic, complete with Cinderella’s iconic castle and your favorite childhood characters ranging from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy to Chip and Dale roaming the pathways! Epcot Center is themed to represent the entire world, including different countries as well as outer space and the oceans that surround us. Marked by its most famous landmark, the Spaceship Earth Geosphere, you can visit your favorite friends from the hit move Frozen by taking a boat through Arendalle at Frozen Ever After, or while the Imageworks What If? Labs are an unparalleled interactive experience for kids and adults alike to exercise their brains! The Animal Kingdom Park will get you up close and personal with nature, including the chance to interact with elephants, exotic birds, butterflies, lions and cuddly creatures meant for children at the affection section petting zoo! There are also a number of fabulous rides here, including the Dinosaur Thrill Ride and the Na’Vi River Journey, which will immerse you in the world of the hit movie Avatar! Finally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park is themed around all things related to movie stars! Children will enjoy the Muppet 3-D experience or the spinning exhilaration of Toy Story Mania, while adults can get their kicks at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which offers a thrilling ride on a haunted elevator themed excursion!

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

The Getty Center: If you think that Los Angeles is all glitz and glamour with no real intellectual side, the Getty Center will prove you wrong in an instant. This stark white behemoth looming in the mountains is not only world renowned for its impressive architecture, it also houses some of the most famous works of art to be found anywhere, including Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises and Rembrant’s The Abduction of Europa. You can easily spend an entire day exploring all this place has to offer and be sure to take a break to grab a bite to eat in one of the wonderful restaurants here. You will have the option of a classier, sit-down meal or the chance to just grab and go, but either way, you will enjoy your meal taking in one of the most spectacular views of Los Angeles that you will find anywhere.

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Located on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street you will find the sidewalk emblazoned with stars bearing the name of some of the greatest entertainers ever to grace the planet. While this has been a famous tourist attraction for generations, it is continually evolving, with over twenty different induction ceremonies occurring each year! This is a great place to scout for your favorite actor or musician’s star all while soaking up the Hollywood atmosphere! While you are at it, be sure to stop at the Chinese Theatre, where you can witness the hand and footprints of some of your favorite icons forever captured in cement.

Rodeo Drive: For the ultimate experience in luxury, visit the designer shops on this upscale street located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Yes, some of the products here may not be affordable for everyone, yet it is worth your while to simply window shop and strut down the sidewalk taking in all the sights the area has to offer! If you work up an appetite exploring, be sure to pay a visit to 208 Rodeo, which serves a number of wonderfully innovative dishes and cocktails for brunch, lunch and dinner. Happy hour is particularly vibrant here, where you can couple a spicy margarite with upscale pub fare such as crab ceviche tostadas or a mini cheese plate all for under twenty dollars!

Santa Monica Pier: When you think the beach and boardwalk in Southern California, odds are this is the place you are imagining. World famous, the Santa Monica Pier and beach have been featured in many different movies, including Forrest Gump, The Sting and Ironman. With over three miles of iconic beachfront, it is no wonder why the hit TV shot Baywatch was filmed in this area! You can do everything from soak up the sun to play in the surf, though there are plentiful other opportunities for entertainment, including a carousel situated aside roller coasters and a huge array of carnival games. Nearby, you will find the 3rd Street Promenade, which offers a plethora of places to eat, drink and shop to your heart’s content.

Universal Studios Hollywood: This is one of the greatest amusement parks on the west coast and indeed, in the entire United States. Every ride and attraction here is entertainment themed, so there is literally something here for everyone. For Harry Potter fans, you can get your thrills on the roller

coaster called the flight of the Hippogriff, or wander through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is constructed to look like the infamous Hogsmeade Street that was made so famous in the novels and movies. There are a number of other themed rides to explore, including one modeled after The Simpsons, a Jurassic Park water-flume and a 3-D Transformers experience! This is just the beginning, though. The Walking Dead experience offers fans a chance to feel as though they are totally immersed in a post-apocalyptic world of walkers, while the infamous studio tour takes you through the actual studio lot, where you may get the chance to see one of your favorite shows in action!

Must Visit Cities in the United States

Las Vegas, Nevada: If you think that Las Vegas is only good for those who want to gamble, you couldn’t be more wrong! The Las Vegas strip is a veritable playground for adults and children alike, with multiple resorts each boasting a different theme and vibe, making the area ripe for exploration! If you only have a few days here, you cannot hope to see and do all the town has to offer, but some of the absolute musts include seeing a Cirque de Soleil show, watching the awe-inspiriting fountain show at the Bellagio and paying a visit to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden at the Mirage. Here, you will not only find the iconic white tigers that were the star of their show for many years, but many other big cat species coupled with a dolphin tank that can be viewed underwater! If you are feeling adventurous, take a cab from the strip to the downtown area, where you can zipline over the infamous Freemont Street!

New York City, New York: Perhaps the most famous city in all of America, the Big Apple has much to do for visitors. There are the most famous tourist activities to indulge in, such as taking a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, wandering through Central Park or gazing at the lights of Time Square, yet there is a hidden side to this city that is also well worth exploring. For a truly humbling experience, you can go and pay your respects to those who lost their lives in the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 at the very site where the former World Trade Centers collapsed or mosey down the still-hip fifth avenue for some fabulous shopping options. IF you are looking to educate yourself, you can visit the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art or the American Museum of Natural History or catch a live performance on Broadway! New York is also famous for its wonderful restaurants, yet no trip to New York would be complete without a visit to Katz Deli, where you can sink your teeth into a hot pastrami sandwich coupled with a kosher dill pickle spear for a true New York experience!

Seattle, Washington: Yes, Seattle is famous for its rainy weather. While there are not many sunny days here, if you fenagle a visit during the late summer (August through early September) you have the best odds of witnessing a sunny day. While sunshine on a city may seem rather arbitrary, witnessing Seattle on a clear, fair day is nothing short of absolutely breath taking! Not only do you get an up-close view of what is largely considered one of the most beautiful skylines in America, you can also witness the jaw-dropping mountains off in the distance! If you only come here once, you must visit the city’s most iconic landmark, the Space Needle, but you will also want to make time to visit the famous Pikes Place Market, which vibrates with energy and good cheer as local fishermen sell some of the freshest seafood available anywhere!

Washington DC, District of Colombia: As the nation’s capital, it is hardly surprising that there is so much to see and do here! First and foremost, you will want to make time to visit the many museums, some of which are considered to be the best in the world! While you must pick and choose due to the sheer volume, if you can only see a few, be sure to make time for the National Musuem of Natural History, the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian. Of course, you must pay a token visit to the White House, yet the true magic of exploring Washington DC lies in visiting its many monuments! The three most famous are the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, yet there are many more to explore, including the sobering Vietnam Veteran’s Wall and the World War Two Monument.

Making the Best of Miami International Airport

Let’s be honest. Nobody really enjoys spending time at an airport. The majority of the time, airports simply serve as a place to wait while you are in the midst of traveling from one destination to another. Many people dread spending time in airports, believing them to be crowded, dirty and devoid of things to do.

Miami International Airport (MIA) is an exception to this belief. As one of the busiest airport in the United States, it can certainly be crowded, yet there is no shortage of things to occupy your time while you wait for your gate to be called. Not only is there plenty to see and do here, there are many options for airport parking in Miami. With one of the most efficient, convenient and secure parking systems around, you can simply drop your car off and head to your gate, confident that your car is in good hands!

Once you have made it past security, you will need to find something to do before take-off. The most obvious options are to either grab a bite to eat, enjoy a relaxing and refreshing cocktail or spend some time perusing the shops. Below is a list of some of the best places to eat, drink and shop at MIA separated by terminal for maximum convenience.

  • Terminal D East
    • Air Essentials: This store is a major lifestyle for anyone who may have forgotten to pack any essential item. This one-stop-shop has everything from medicine to snacks, pillows and even toothbrushes to ensure that you are properly prepared for flights of any duration!
    • Book Link Café: Who doesn’t love something interesting to read while they are in the air? Book Link Café not only offers an impressive selection of books, there are also multiple magazines and newspapers available as well. Looking for an energy boost? You can also grab a delicious coffee and ready to go sandwiches before making your way to your gate!
    • Clubhouse One: This is a wonderful spot to stop and grab a bite to eat no matter what time of day. Serving hearty plates of breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a casual setting with a bar attached that is appropriate for every traveler.
  • Terminal D West
    • Bacardi Mojito: The mojito is heavily associated with Miami, so while you are here, you simply must stop and enjoy one of these refreshingly delicious beverages!
    • Calvin Klein: One of the most iconic American fashion designers of all time has a shop set up right inside Miami International Airport! Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans or one of his trademark fragrances, you will not be disappointed with the selection!
    • Ocean Drive Prive: If you can only make one stop, be sure to visit this location which offers a wide array of reading material coupled with some absolutely mind-blowing cuisine!
  • Terminal E
    • Brookstone: A favorite shopping location for anyone looking for innovative and imaginative items, you can find things here that you never even knew you needed! Their noise cancelling headphones are a major bonus, as are their portable back massagers, sleeping masks and travel pillows.
    • Starbucks: One of the most iconic names in the coffee industry, there is far more to Starbucks than just a delicious cappuccino or latte! Enjoy a selection of tasty prepared sandwiches, fresh fruit assortments as well as a huge array of teas and hot chocolate for the little ones!
  • Terminal F
    • Books 4 Travel: Stock up on all of your reading supplies in this wonderful store, including a wide selection of products for Kindle!
    • Café Versailles: Miami is intrinsically connected with Cuban cuisine, so this is a must do for anyone wishing to experience an authentic taste of Latin America. For a true treat, try one of their pressed sandwiches coupled with an eye-opening sample of Cuban coffee!
  • Terminal G
    • Bayside Brush: Do you love to pamper yourself? If so, be sure to stop here to peruse the impressive selection of grooming tools, including luxury hairbrushes and everything you need to put your best foot forward!
    • Villa Italian Kitchen: A place that is sure to please taste buds of all ages, there is everything from pizza to authentic pasta dishes to ensure that you are well satisfied before boarding your flight!
  • Terminal H
    • Café Brioche Doree: Don’t have much time but still want something delicious to snack on? Stop here for a freshly baked croissant coupled with an amazing cup of coffee to start your day out right!
    • Victoria’s Secret: Granted, most people do not go to the airport to shop for intimate apparel, yet this is still a fun way to pass some time. Pick yourself up something gorgeous or purchase a few gift cards to surprise the ladies in your life.
  • Terminal J
    • Cubavera: This is a great place to shop if you are looking for an island type of vibe. Offering a huge selection of tropical themed clothing, you can be sure that you will fit right in on the beach after stopping here!
    • La Pausa: One of the best restaurants in the entire airport, this place offers amazingly delicious selections for lunch and dinner. Be sure to leave enough room for one of their tantalizing deserts coupled with a refreshing cocktail before embarking on your flight!