Creepiest Tourist Destinations Around the World


Alcatraz Island: (San Francisco, California, USA) While Alcatraz has worn a few different hats in its history, including its servitude as a fortress during the Civil War and the site of a major protest regarding American Indians, it is hands down most famous for its role as a federal penitentiary from 1934 to 1963. Widely regaled as one of the most haunted spots in Northern America, this place was the site of a desperate attempts by inmates to escape in 1946. When the potential escapees realized they did not have one of the keys that was essential to escape, they resorted to taking hostages. As a result, three inmates and two guards lost their lives, while nearly twenty others were injured. Cell Block D, where the escape attempt originated, is believed to be the spookiest site on the entire island. Here, it is said that numerous guards and inmates alike experienced encounters with the supernatural, ranging from hearing phantom voices and footsteps to violent attacks. One inmate who was placed in solitary confinement on Cell Block D is reported to have screamed throughout the night about something occupying the area with him – and was found dead the next morning, with unexplained marks on his neck suggesting that he was strangled. In modern times, Alcatraz is a popular destination for tourists seeking history and paranormal encounters alike!

Aokigahara/The Suicide Forest: (Yamanashi, Japan) Located near the base of Mount Fuji, this is a nearly 13 square mile area in the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park that is infamous for its dense, eerie stretch of woodland it is nicknamed the Island of Trees. While the area should be well-known for its plethora of natural resources and impressive vegetation, it is instead known as the suicide forest, named for the strange high number of people who venture into the forest with the intention of claiming their own lives. While the landscape is so thick that it is impossible to recover or even discover all of the bodies contained here, estimates range as high as one hundred people who elect to hang themselves from the tree limbs in this area each year. Other elect for the arguably more peaceful method of poisoning, usually from drug overdose. The issue of suicide within this area has become so prevalent that counselors are stationed throughout the area to attempt to discourage desperate souls from making an irrevocable choice.

Isla de las Munecas/Island of the Dolls: (Mexico City, Mexico) In the canals next to Xochimico just south of Mexico City lies this macabre attraction with a heartbreaking backstory. According to legend, many years ago, a young girl drowned in the waters near this island. As a result, dolls were brought to pacify her young spirit, yet many now believe that the dolls which inhabit this island have become possessed by the child’s restless and angry spirit. This place is unsettling to visit even in broad daylight, as the trees are marked by dolls hanging from multiple limbs, some missing arms, legs or even heads! Those who dare to visit the island at night say they have seen the dolls’ eyes move on their own accord, or even claim to witness hearing the dolls whispering back and forth to one another!

The Lizzie Borden House: (Fall River, Massachusetts) The story of Lizzie Borden is macabre folklore in the United States and many other parts of the world. Born in 1862, she gained notoriety on August 4th,1892 when her father and stepmother were brutally murdered via an axe in the Fall River home she shared with them. While Lizzie was at first considered the primary suspect, she was tried and subsequently acquitted, though the stigma would stay with her until her death at the age of at sixty-six. Today, the location of the horrific murders functions both as a bed and breakfast and morbid tourist destination. There are in fact many claims of paranormal activity here, ranging from doors opening and closing on their own, the faint scent of a phantom perfume as well as full out apparitions!

Paris Catacombs: (Paris, France) Extending southward from Barrier d’Enfe, which translated to the Gates of Hell, this place holds the remains of over six million people! These remains were transferred from various cemeteries to the catacombs primarily during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Located over sixty feet below the city of Paris, the catacombs consist of over 180-miles of twisting, turning tunnels that remind one of a maze or labyrinth. Be sure to book a tour to investigate the sections of this area which are allowed to be explored via guided tourism. Venturing off the path is not advisable, as numerous people are rumored to have disappeared here!

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